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Things to Consider BEFORE Renting an Apartment


Yes, the crown molding and new shower seem amazing now, but in three months when you’re pinching pennies to pay rent those amenities might not look so hot. Make a budget and stick to it. You might not get the perfect place, but you won’t get the one that will send you to the poor house, either. At Spaces, all of the landlords we work with require you must show the equivalent of 3 months rent in income. So if you are looking at an apartment for  $1500, you must be able to show income for  $4500  a month. 

Visit the neighborhood on nights and weekends before signing anything.

What is quiet with ample parking during the day may be loud and crowded at night. Do yourself a favor and scope out your potential hood before you find out that there’s a club next door that hosts all-ages noisecore shows. Unless, of course, you’re really into noisecore.  Also check out the neighborhood on Walk Score. This will also tell you about crime.

Consider their pet policy. Even if you don’t plan on having pets it’s nice to know what the policy is exactly. You know, just in case your neighbor across the way leaves his door open and his pet tiger escapes.

Consider the commute. Is cheaper and farther more appealing than expensive and close? You be the judge.

Go over exactly what utilities are covered. Having utilities included is awesome and another headache you don’t have to deal with, but be crystal clear on what you are getting and what you aren’t. Water, gas, and power? Internet? These can be defining factors when choosing an apartment, so do your due diligence. Also, just because it says, “AC included” it does not mean the power is paid for. It just means you don’t have to provide your own.

Check all the faucets and flush all the toilets. This is something a lot of people never think to do, but trust me and do it. If there is any issue you can bring it up now and hopefully it can be addressed by the landlord. I mean, there is nothing worst than turning on the tap for the first time and being surprised by barely-dripping brown water while the toilet floods.


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Moving to Chicago

Chicago is somewhat of a Midwest melting pot. And the jewel of the Midwest!

A lot of people born in small Midwest towns seem to gravitate to the big city. Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa….boys and girls looking to escape their small town blues, head to Chicago!

Especially in the Spring. May 1st is the busiest moving week of the year here in Chicago! The Chicago tradition of moving on the first day of May can be traced back to English and Dutch practices that were passed on by immigrants. In 1911  rules were enacted to allow leases to be made at any time of the year – however,  May continues to be the most popular month to move. With an average temperature of 69 degrees, it makes sense that Chicagoans would want to move in May, before the heat of summer sets in.

However, if you are looking for a lower price, the renter’s market is Fall/Winter 11/1-2/28, but there is less supply. Peek lessor’s time is 4/1-9/30, with July 1 occupancy being the busiest time. Any other time you can get a decent price with more of a supply of unit to examine.





Neighborhoods of Chicago


There are more than 200 neighborhoods in Chicago, but there is no official list of the city’s neighborhoods or their boundaries. Neighborhood names and identities have evolved over time due to real estate development and changing demographics.

The City of Chicago is also divided into 77 community areas which were drawn by University of Chicago researchers in the late 1920s. Chicago’s community areas are well-defined, generally contain multiple neighborhoods, and are less commonly used by city residents. More historical images of Chicago neighborhoods can be found in Explore Chicago Collections, a digital repository made available by Chicago Collections archives, libraries and other cultural institutions in the city.

More detailed information can be found HERE  on the various neighborhoods and communities!

When it comes time for your next move, I hope you think of me!