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Dozens of New Projects Underway in Chicago

The rate of high-rise construction has increased over the last several years, and as of  this past April, Chicago had over 50 such projects underway.

Last November, Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced that Chicago had witnessed a post-recession record number of active tower cranes with 29 such cranes operating during the time of the announcement. The pace has continued well into 2017, and as of today, Chicago has 33 active tower cranes at various construction sites around the city.

Blogger Daniel Schell of Building Up Chicago has been keeping tabs on tower crane activity over the last several months and has cataloged where they have been erected and where they have been eventually removed. For much of May and June, Schell counted 32 active cranes. However, as of Monday, the number increased by one. The city’s most recent tower crane, which will be tasked with helping to build 1326 South Michigan, has become the 33rd active construction crane in Chicago.

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